Mick Mars, of MÖTLEY CRÜE fame, to drop debut solo album "The Other Side Of Mars" on Feb 23, 2024.

Pre-order the album in multiple formats at shop.mickmarsofficial.com.

Catch a preview of the album's bold sound with lead single "Loyal To The Lie."

Mick's music venture delves into various genres, staying true to his distinctive flair.

"The Other Side Of Mars" combines hard-rock, modern metal, gothic tones, and emotional ballads.

The album features a range of instruments, including slide guitars, violins, and keyboards, creating a rich sonic experience.

Mick collaborates with musicians like WINGER's Paul Taylor and vocalist Jacob Bunton to realize his vision.

Despite pausing tours, Mick remains focused on new creative projects.

Track titles like "Broken On The Inside," "Memories," and "LA Noir" promise a captivating musical journey.

Experience Mick Mars in a whole new way with "The Other Side Of Mars."