Australia mourns the tragic loss of 21-year-old coach Lilie James, found dead in a Sydney school bathroom.

Suspicions surround colleague Paul Thijssen after Lilie's suspected hammer murder and his subsequent disappearance.

Lilie James was a vibrant coach known for her love of water polo, dancing, and swimming while studying sports business.

Friends and family grieve her loss, describing her as outgoing and dearly loved, stating she was tragically stolen from them.

St Andrew's Cathedral School's head expressed concern and solidarity, emphasizing the community's resilience.

NSW Premier Chris Minns and the community denounced the heinous crime, reigniting discussions about domestic violence.

Advocates stress the urgency to address cultural attitudes and foster community understanding to combat gendered violence.

Ensuring a safer environment requires collective effort and effective resource allocation, going beyond government initiatives.

Australia urgently needs to confront its domestic violence problem, demanding a commitment to changing societal norms.

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