Megan Fox rocks fiery red hairdo and vibrant bob at MGK's show in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

She paired her look with an oversized tan blazer and red-framed sunglasses.

Megan's pink life: spotted in a pink tracksuit, while MGK wore a pastel pink hoodie at the airport.

Despite rough patches, Megan and MGK are working on their relationship, aiming to tie the knot.

Insider confirms Megan and MGK are in a good place, putting effort into their future.

Sources hint at wedding bells, suggesting a possible upcoming nuptial.

The couple wows as they dress as Kill Bill characters for Halloween weekend bash.

Megan stuns as Gogo Yubari, while MGK channels Uma Thurman's "Bride" character

The couple's fashion game is strong, making a statement wherever they go.

Their journey reflects the ups and downs of a committed relationship, with a focus on moving forward.

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