Gunther, the WWE Intercontinental Champion, was absent from the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

Gunther's visa issues have prevented him from participating in events outside the US, including the upcoming Elimination Chamber in Australia.

Recent reports indicate that Gunther is restricted from leaving the US for the next six months due to visa limitations.

Despite the setback, Gunther remains committed to resuming his international appearances by April or May.

Potential extensions to the visa limitations might affect Gunther's participation in future events like Bash in Berlin in August 2024.

The visa situation is temporary and does not affect Gunther's status as the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Fans can expect Gunther's matches to be exclusive to the United States for the time being.

Gunther, the leader of Imperium, has captured audiences with his exceptional performances.

The intricate maze of visa regulations poses challenges even for renowned champions like Gunther.

Gunther's absence from recent events has left fans curious and eager for his return to the international stage.

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