A historic Diamond Diadem, crafted in 1821, is a symbol of the late Queen's legacy.

Queen Elizabeth II has decided to bestow the title of 'Queen Consort' upon Camilla.

Plans for Camilla's title changed to 'King and Queen' on the Coronation invitations.

Camilla aims to keep her husband content and honor the late Queen's role and title.

Camilla's debut with the renowned Diamond Diadem is eagerly awaited at the State Opening of Parliament.

Camilla was crowned with a reconfigured St. Mary's Crown during her coronation with Charles.

The public's support for Charles and Camilla is encouraged as they enter a new era in the royal family.

The Diamond Diadem, originally priced at £8,216, is now estimated to be worth £6 million.

The Diamond Diadem incorporates national symbols of the thistle, shamrock, and rose.

The illustrious Diamond Diadem is a tribute to the cherished traditions of the monarchy.