Rui Hachimura, the Japanese sensation of the LA Lakers, is set to make his animated debut on the "Crayon Shin-chan" show on Sat., Nov. 4.

The special episode, titled "Buriburi wa Hachimura Special," will be broadcasted on the Japanese TV station ANN.

Hachimura expressed his excitement, sharing his deep admiration for "Crayon Shin-chan," calling the opportunity a dream come true.

Hachimura's journey from Japanese youth basketball to the NBA has been highlighted by his impressive skills and dedication.

He led Meisei High School to three consecutive titles and made a significant impact during his time in the NCAA Division I men's tournament with Gonzaga.

Hachimura's notable performances earned him a spot with the Washington Wizards before ultimately joining the LA Lakers.

His stellar playoff performance in the 2022-23 season contributed to the Lakers' journey to the Western Conference Finals.

Hachimura's contract worth $51,000,000 solidified his place in the Lakers' frontcourt, showcasing a promising future for the rising star.

LeBron James, a key figure on the Lakers, has supported Hachimura and trained alongside him during the offseason.

Fans worldwide eagerly anticipate Hachimura's appearance on "Crayon Shin-chan," anticipating a unique blend of his basketball finesse and love for anime.

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