A flight bound for Belfast experienced a bumpy takeoff and swiftly returned to Faro Airport due to a technical glitch.

The aircraft circled above Faro Airport before landing safely, prompting the passengers to disembark without any issues.

Ryanair assured the public that the flight encountered a minor tire problem on the ground, leading to a temporary delay.

The airline efficiently arranged a replacement aircraft for the passengers to resume their journey to Belfast International Airport.

The delayed flight finally departed for Belfast at 6:18 pm, ensuring the passengers' travel plans were back on track.

Portuguese news outlets reported the incident, emphasizing the "red alert" status triggered by the tire issue at Faro Airport.

Approximately 190 passengers were on board the flight, which made an unexpected landing due to a tire burst, as per SIC Notícias.

The pilot demonstrated skilled maneuvering by releasing fuel and safely guiding the aircraft back to the tarmac amidst the clouds.

Emergency services were on standby at the airport, although the landing occurred smoothly without requiring their intervention.

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