Virat Kohli: ODI Cricket's Ultimate Blend of Tendulkar, 

Kohli's 50th ODI CenturyKohli's milestone century, a blend of Tendulkar, Dravid, Dhoni, and Sharma.

Tendulkar's InfluenceTendulkar's legacy: the template for ODI batting and Kohli's evolution.

Game Sense BrillianceKohli's impeccable game sense in the World Cup semi-final showdown.

Ease and InevitabilityKohli's calm demeanor, echoing late Tendulkar traits, in this World Cup.

T20 InfluenceA T20 touch in Kohli's game: positive and attacking in the early overs.

Kohli, the Chase MasterKohli's mastery in chasing, a scientific and less stressful approach.

Swat-Flick ResurfacesThe iconic swat-flick returns in Kohli's 50th century moment.

Emotional GesturesVirat's jubilation: bowing to Tendulkar, blowing a kiss, and a wink.