Vittoria Ceretti playfully surprised everyone at a Halloween bash by grabbing Leonardo DiCaprio's back pocket.

Ceretti, in a striking red wig, stole the show at the party, while DiCaprio kept it casual in his trademark attire.

Despite a brief outdoor moment together, the couple quickly retreated upon noticing they had an audience.

DiCaprio and Ceretti first made headlines in August after being seen getting cozy in Ibiza, sparking speculation about their relationship.

Since then, the couple has been spotted at various events globally, solidifying their status as a high-profile duo.

Insider sources confirmed that DiCaprio and Ceretti's relationship is more than a fleeting romance, with a deeper connection forming between them.

Their chemistry has been evident in their public appearances and affectionate gestures.

Fans eagerly anticipate further developments in the relationship between the Hollywood star and the Italian supermodel.

Vittoria Ceretti playfully grabbed Leonardo DiCaprio's back pocket at a Halloween bash, fueling speculation about their relationship.

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