Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies: A Decade of Halloween Fun

Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies have been inseparable since their Victorious days over a decade ago. Their bond has transcended the confines of their Nickelodeon origins, leading to some unforgettable Halloween moments.

Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies: A Decade of Halloween Fun

A Night of Insta Frenzy

Their latest Halloween shenanigans flooded our Instagram feeds last night (Oct. 30). The duo showcased a series of photos displaying their impeccable costumes. Grande channeled the spirit of Nomi Malone, the rookie stripper from the sizzling 1995 thriller. Meanwhile, Gillies effortlessly embodied the essence of Cristal Connors, the seasoned showgirl determined to retain her top position.

Nostalgic Captions and Quirky Fun

Gillies’ caption on one of their snapshots, “You and me… we’re like peas in a pod,” perfectly captured their camaraderie as they rocked sleek black ensembles reminiscent of the movie set. In another post, Gillies playfully dropped one of Gershon’s iconic lines, “You are a whore, Darlin’!” Their playful banter continued with Gillies’ witty caption, “There’s always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.”

Grande’s Playful Nod

Grande’s post included a nod to Berkley’s famous retort, responding with a fiery “Different places!!!!!” – a moment that might evoke images of Elizabeth Berkley’s fiery character flinging fries in frustration.

A Tradition of Creativity

Last Halloween, Grande and Gillies captivated us with their elaborate costumes, recreating scenes from the mockumentary Best in Show. Gillies embodied the persona of Christy Cummings, while Grande transformed into Sherri Ann Cabot. Later, Grande showcased her versatility as she took on the role of Gerry Fleck, with Gillies effortlessly embodying the character of Cookie Fleck.

The dynamic duo’s Halloween celebrations serve as a testament to their enduring friendship and creative spirit, continuing to delight their fans year after year.


Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies’ Halloween escapades have not only showcased their remarkable friendship but also their unparalleled creativity and playful spirits. Their ability to bring iconic characters to life with a modern twist demonstrates their enduring charm and ability to captivate audiences, making them a dynamic duo to watch out for every Halloween. Visit Our Site Also.

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