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Brundle’s Guidance: Carlos Sainz Urged to Navigate F1 Career Path Wisely Amid Audi Speculations

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Former Formula 1 driver and current Sky F1 presenter, Martin Brundle, has advised Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz against considering a move to Audi, which is set to take control of the Sauber Stake F1 team in 2026. Brundle suggests that Sainz should explore alternative options with top-tier teams like Mercedes, Aston Martin, or even contemplate a return to Red Bull if the opportunity arises.

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Brundle's Guidance: Carlos Sainz Urged to Navigate F1 Career Path Wisely Amid Audi Speculations
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Key Points:

  1. Martin Brundle advises Carlos Sainz to avoid joining Audi when it assumes control of Sauber Stake F1 in 2026.
  2. Brundle recommends that Sainz explores options with competitive teams such as Mercedes, Aston Martin, or considers a return to Red Bull.
  3. Lewis Hamilton’s decision to join Ferrari next year has stirred the F1 driver market, impacting Sainz’s position in the market.
  4. Sainz, a strong contender in the market, is linked to teams like Mercedes and Red Bull, given Hamilton’s impending vacancy and Sergio Perez’s contract expiration.
  5. Rumors suggest Sainz may negotiate with Audi for a 2026 move, but Brundle expresses concerns about Audi’s potential entry in 2027.
  6. Brundle emphasizes the importance for Sainz to prioritize teams like Mercedes, Aston Martin, or Red Bull over potentially waiting for Audi’s entry in 2027.
  7. Sainz’s strong performance as the only non-Red Bull driver to win a race last year has elevated his standing in the driver market.
  8. Speculations about Sainz engaging in talks with Audi arise from his father’s connections with the team after his Dakar Rally victory for them.
  9. Brundle cautions against Sainz joining a team that might not be fully ready until 2027, emphasizing the need for a strategic career move.
  10. Brundle suggests that Sainz should focus on showcasing his natural driving talents in his last season with Ferrari, adopting a free-spirited approach without unnecessary pressure.

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