Dynamic Duo: Haliburton and Turner Shine in Pacers’ All-Around Victory

“When Tyrese Haliburton entered the league as a rookie, he envisioned the ideal partner for pick-and-roll plays to be a high-flying center capable of catching lobs. Richaun Holmes, the Kings’ starting center at that time, fit that description with his rim-running style and penchant for dunking. Fast forward to Haliburton’s current role as the face of the Pacers, and he appreciates the versatility of his current center, Myles Turner.


Turner’s diversified game, showcased in a season-high 33-point performance against the Mavericks, has propelled the Pacers and relieved pressure on Haliburton, allowing for an effective partnership in their pick-and-roll plays. Turner’s ability to score at various levels, including mid-range and beyond the arc, adds a valuable dimension to their offensive strategy, making him a crucial asset for the team.”

“In his rookie season with the Sacramento Kings, Haliburton admired the lob-catching abilities of center Richaun Holmes, a rim-running dunker. Now, as a key figure for the Indiana Pacers, Haliburton acknowledges the value of his current partner, Myles Turner, whose well-rounded game was on full display in a stellar 33-point performance against the Mavericks.

This victory not only elevated the Pacers to the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference but also showcased Turner’s ability to exploit defenses in the pick-and-roll game. Turner’s proficiency in scoring within the restricted area, mid-range, and beyond the arc provided Haliburton with crucial support, easing defensive pressure and offering offensive flexibility. The evolving synergy between Haliburton and Turner, developed over nearly two years, underscores the significance of having a center with multi-level scoring capabilities, adding depth and versatility to the team’s offensive dynamics.

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