Eagle Cam Exclusive: Nail-Biting Countdown to Bald Eagle Chicks’ Grand Entrance LIVE! Don’t Miss the Spectacle Unfolding in Southern California’s Majestic Mountains

Prepare for a Global Event: Live Stream Captures Anticipation of Bald Eagle Chicks’ Arrival in Southern California Mountains!

Watch in real-time as cameras focus on a bald eagle nest nestled in the Southern California mountains, showcasing the imminent hatching of three eagle chicks. Viewers from around the world are captivated by the expectant parents, a female eagle named Jackie and her mate, Shadow, as they care for the eggs laid in late January. The eagerly awaited chicks could emerge any day now, turning the online broadcast into a lively “hatch watch.”

Eagle Cam Exclusive: Nail-Biting Countdown to Bald Eagle Chicks' Grand Entrance LIVE! Don't Miss the Spectacle Unfolding in Southern California's Majestic Mountains

Situated 145 feet high atop a Jeffrey Pine tree in the San Bernardino Mountains, the nest is monitored by Friends of Big Bear Valley, a nonprofit organization that owns and operates the nest cameras. Regular live updates, including the birds’ vocalizations and daily activities of Jackie and Shadow, keep viewers engaged.

Recent observations noted Shadow’s four visits to the nest on Thursday, spending a noteworthy 3 hours and 2 minutes there, even delivering a fish to Jackie. The nonprofit is currently on the lookout for signs of the “pip,” the initial crack in the eggshell indicating a chick’s readiness to emerge.

In a recent Facebook post, Friends of Big Bear Valley explained the significance of the pip, emphasizing the challenging process of hatching, which typically takes one to three days. Describing it as a “very strenuous process” and a significant test for the chicks, the organization highlighted that all three eggs were laid weeks ago on January 25, 28, and 31, respectively. Join the global audience in witnessing this remarkable natural event unfolding in the picturesque Southern California mountains.

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