Love, Drama, and Broken Ties: Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell’s Unconventional Journey

Tish Cyrus recently disclosed that her now-husband, Dominic Purcell, initially reached out to her on Instagram in 2016, several years before his reported involvement with her daughter, Noah Cyrus. Amidst shocking claims of Tish allegedly ‘stealing’ Dominic from Noah, the Cyrus family finds itself entangled in a mysterious feud, with insiders suggesting that the discord is rooted in Tish’s relationship with Dominic overlapping with Noah’s.


According to an insider, Noah was reportedly involved with Dominic when Tish began pursuing him. The ongoing turmoil between Noah and Tish extends beyond public perception, with Noah expressing distress over Tish allegedly taking Dominic away from her.

Speculation arises whether Dominic’s brief romance with Noah was a strategy to get closer to Tish, as he had previously initiated contact with her on Instagram. Tish clarified the timeline of her relationship with Dominic during an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast. She mentioned that Dominic messaged her eight years ago, a message she missed at the time. They eventually got together in 2022.

The events unfolded against the backdrop of Tish’s marriage breakdown with Billy Ray, which led her to reach out to Dominic after the divorce in April 2022. Their whirlwind romance culminated in marriage in August 2023. Notably, Noah and her brother Braison were absent from the wedding, leading to speculation about a family rift.

The rumored discord extends to Miley, who left Billy Ray out of her Grammys acceptance speech, indicating a strained relationship. An insider revealed that all the Cyrus children have chosen sides in the family dispute.

Tish, in a recent revelation, shared details of her ‘complete psychological breakdown’ following her split from Billy Ray during the COVID-19 pandemic. She described it as a challenging time and acknowledged the impact on her mental health.

The family dynamics and relationships continue to be complex, with a rift between the siblings and their parents, leaving friends hopeful that the discord won’t be permanent.

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