Park Ji Yoon and Choi Dong Seok Announce Separation After 14 Years

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Longtime Couple Calls It Quits

In a heartfelt announcement, former KBS announcers, Park Ji Yoon and Choi Dong Seok revealed their decision to part ways after a solid 14 years of marriage. Their devoted fans and well-wishers are deeply saddened by this news.

Park Ji Yoon and Choi Dong Seok Announce Separation After 14 Years

The Divorce Process Begins

According to a statement from JDB Entertainment, Park Ji Yoon’s agency, the divorce process is currently in motion. Park Ji Yoon has submitted a divorce mediation application to the court, taking the first step toward their separation.

In response to these challenging circumstances, Park Ji Yoon expressed her regret, particularly concerning the potential impact on their children. She’s determined to shield her family from any unwarranted rumors or hurtful falsehoods that may arise as a result of their separation.

A Love Story That Took Unexpected Turns

Park Ji Yoon and Choi Dong Seok tied the knot in November 2009 after initially meeting and dating while at KBS. Their journey as a married couple took an unexpected turn when Choi Dong Seok’s health issues prompted the family to relocate to Jeju Island.

Notably, their situation took a twist earlier in the year when Choi Dong Seok’s cryptic social media post sparked curiosity and concern among their followers.

A Difficult Chapter

Acknowledging the challenges of the moment, Park Ji Yoon shared her difficulties in addressing the situation and expressed her apologies for not being able to deliver more positive news during this trying time.

A New Beginning

While the couple’s decision to part ways marks the end of a significant chapter in their lives, filled with shared professional accomplishments and personal milestones, their well-wishers continue to extend their support and best wishes to both Park Ji Yoon and Choi Dong Seok as they navigate this new phase of their lives.

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