Park Ji Yoon and Choi Dong Seok are getting divorced after 14 years of marriage. 2

Divorce proceedings are underway, with Park Ji Yoon initiating the mediation process.

Park Ji Yoon is concerned about the potential impact of the separation on their children.

Their relationship began at KBS, and Choi Dong Seok's health issues prompted their move to Jeju Island.

Choi Dong Seok's mysterious social media post raised concerns earlier in the year.

Park Ji Yoon apologized for not sharing more positive news during this challenging time.

The couple's decision marks the end of a significant chapter filled with professional and personal achievements.

Despite the separation, well-wishers continue to support both Park Ji Yoon and Choi Dong Seok.

Park Ji Yoon remains committed to protecting her family from hurtful rumors.

The couple's journey takes a new direction as they navigate this phase of their lives.

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