Wifi Speed Test APK v5.9 Test Your Internet Speed

Looking for a nifty way to check your WiFi’s performance? Enter the realm of the “WiFi Speed Test APK”! This handy app is a must-have for any tech-savvy individual. Picture this: a simple, user-friendly interface that gives you the lowdown on your WiFi’s speed with just a tap. No jargon, no fuss, just clear and concise results at your fingertips. Whether you’re binge-watching, video conferencing, or gaming, this APK lets you ensure your connection is up to the mark. Wave goodbye to endless loading screens and embrace smooth, uninterrupted internet surfing with this trusty little tool.

App NameWifi Speed Test
App byEco Mobile
Support Android VersionAndroid 21 and above
Get it OnGoogle Playstore

About WiFi – Internet Speed Test

Feel like your internet is taking forever to load? Fret not! Bid farewell to sluggish connections and say hello to a breezy online experience with our one-of-a-kind WiFi and Internet Speed Test tool. Tired of those endless loading circles? Our user-friendly app is your go-to solution! Get ready to troubleshoot any network woes, optimize your WiFi, and bid adieu to frustrating lags. It’s time to supercharge your internet speed and optimize your network effortlessly. Say hello to seamless browsing and bid farewell to pesky buffering with a few taps on our nifty tool. Also, get Strato Emulator Apk.

Wifi Speed Test APK

Speed Test Wifi Analyzer APK

Get ready to rev up your internet with the Speed Test Wifi Analyzer APK! This nifty tool is like your own personal internet mechanic, fine-tuning your Wi-Fi for optimal performance. Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite shows or battling it out in the gaming arena, this app ensures your connection stays smooth and speedy. No more frustrating lag or endless buffering woes! With its user-friendly interface, even tech rookies can effortlessly navigate through the diagnostics and quickly boost their Wi-Fi signal. Say hello to uninterrupted streaming and seamless browsing, all thanks to this lifesaver in the digital world.

Wifi Speed Test Pro APK

Looking for a seamless way to measure your Wi-Fi speed? Say hello to the “WiFi Speed Test Pro APK”! This nifty tool is your go-to buddy for checking your internet speed on the fly. With its user-friendly interface, testing your Wi-Fi speed becomes a breeze. Bid farewell to the frustration of sluggish connections and welcome smoother browsing and streaming experiences. Whether you’re a tech whiz or a casual user, this app’s simplicity will win you over. Ready to wave goodbye to buffering? Dive into the world of high-speed browsing with the WiFi Speed Test Pro APK. Also, get FilmPlus APK

Main Features Of Wifi Speed Test APK

  • Gauge the speed of both your wireless and wired networks, including Ethernet connections.
  • Quickly assess your router’s speed performance.
  • Measure download and upload speeds, along with overall bandwidth.
  • Effortlessly store previous test results, covering download/upload speed, ping, signal strength, network name, and IP address.
  • Access key details such as IP address, network insights, latency, signal strength, and channel information.
  • Share your speed test outcomes easily with friends and family.
  • Test the swiftness of Windows shares (SMB, Samba).
  • Check the pace of FTP servers with a simple tap.
  • Conduct tests using either TCP or UDP protocols.
  • Enjoy an all-inclusive internet speed test at your fingertips.
  • Seamlessly support tethering and hotspot functionalities.
  • Effortlessly share your test results and celebrate your speedy connections


In a world where seamless connectivity is a modern-day necessity, the “WiFi Speed Test APK” emerges as an indispensable tool. With its user-friendly interface and lightning-fast results, it has become the go-to solution for checking internet speeds on the go. Its intuitive design allows even tech novices to effortlessly assess their network performance, making it a must-have for the digital-savvy and the technologically challenged alike. By enabling users to pinpoint network inconsistencies swiftly, it empowers them to make informed decisions about their internet service providers, ensuring they always stay connected at optimal speeds. With this app in hand, bid farewell to frustratingly sluggish connections and embrace a smoother, faster online experience. Visit our site to get more APKs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much data does Speedtest use?

Speedtest uses approximately 10-25 MB of data for a single test, depending on the quality of the connection and the test’s duration.

2. How does Wi-Fi Speedtest work?

Wi-Fi Speedtest measures the data transfer rate between your device and the internet, providing insights into the efficiency and speed of your Wi-Fi network.

3. Does Wi-Fi affect Speedtest?

Yes, Wi-Fi can impact Speedtest results as signal strength, congestion, and interference can influence the accuracy of the test, leading to fluctuations in the measured speed.

4. Why do I get different Speedtest results on different devices?

Different Speedtest results on various devices can occur due to variations in hardware capabilities, network configurations, and the presence of background processes affecting the test.

5. How much Wi-Fi speed is sufficient?

A sufficient Wi-Fi speed varies depending on usage. For general browsing and streaming, 25 Mbps is suitable, while activities like 4K streaming or online gaming may require speeds upwards of 50 Mbps for optimal performance.

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