WWE Legend’s Shocking Exit: The Untold Story of Virgil’s Final Moments That Left Fans Devastated

WWE Fans Mourn the Passing of Wrestling Icon Virgil, aka Mike Jones

In a sad turn of events, the wrestling world bids farewell to Mike Jones, famously known as Virgil during his illustrious career. The WWE confirmed his passing on Wednesday, leaving fans in mourning.

WWE Legend's Shocking Exit: The Untold Story of Virgil's Final Moments That Left Fans Devastated

Wrestling referee Mark Charles III, also known as The Count, shared the news on Facebook, revealing that Virgil peacefully passed away at the hospital at the age of 61. While the cause of death was not disclosed, reports suggest that Virgil had been battling dementia and experienced two strokes in 2022.

Virgil, who gained fame in the late ’80s and early ’90s, initially served as Ted DiBiase’s bodyguard before their scripted relationship took a dramatic turn in 1991. His memorable moments include refusing to put a championship belt on DiBiase during the Royal Rumble and defeating him later that year at SummerSlam for the Million Dollar Title.

Despite his wrestling success, Virgil faced personal challenges, including health issues and strained relationships. In a 2016 interview, DiBiase shared insights into their working relationship, praising Virgil’s professionalism but acknowledging tensions arising from autograph signing incidents.

Numerous figures from the wrestling community, including Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Matt Hardy, expressed shock and sadness over Virgil’s passing, remembering him as a unique and entertaining personality. The wrestling world honors Virgil’s legacy, celebrating the unconventional icon’s contributions to the sport.

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