Warriors’ Anthem Buddies: Transplant Heroes Shine on African American Heritage Night

On African American Heritage Night at Chase Center, seven transplant patients from Stanford Medicine Children’s Health had the special honor of standing alongside their favorite Golden State Warriors players during the National Anthem.

Warriors' Anthem Buddies: Transplant Heroes Shine on African American Heritage Night

These “Anthem Buddies” were celebrated for their transplant journeys, bringing attention to the importance of organ donation and the need for increased diversity among donors. The event aimed to raise awareness and highlight that a more diverse donor population can lead to improved access to transplantation.

The patients acknowledged during the event include Jada Crawford, Marie Cobb, Aaliyah Granados, Jaden Grantham, Solomon Koning, Joseph Sanchez-Munoz, and Mesihas Tillmon, each with their unique transplant stories.

The focus is on emphasizing how organ donation can save lives, as shared by one parent, Blake Crawford, whose 9-year-old daughter Jada is currently awaiting a kidney transplant.

The goal is to shed light on the critical need for donors, particularly for pediatric patients, and to encourage more people to consider organ donation.

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